WDHA Board of Trustees

WDHA Officers 2017-18

  Beverly Frye  360-689-2087

  President Elect
  Jennifer Zbaraschuk 360-460-6680
  Past President
  Renee Berberena   360-421-7027
  Lori Burke  360-631-6453


 Elizabeth Klaas  253-797-9333

Linda Konishi  206-915-6571
  Speaker of the House
  Marilynn Rothen 206-714-2432
  Executive Director
  Pamela An  425-771-3201

WDHA Component Trustees 2017:

  Greater Seattle DHC:
Georgene McCarty  206-849-6061

  Eastern Washington DHC:
  Barbi Lynch  360-790-3766

Mt. Rainier DHC:
Keriann Brady  253-306-6515 

Yakima Valley DHC: vacant   

 Southwest Washington DHC:
Sheryl Armstrong  360-901-0717

  Mt. Baker DHC:
Nona Groesbeck  360-739-1938
  Snohomish County DHC:
  Kara Lea Tupling  206-369-6060
Columbia Basin DHC:
Connie DiStefano  509-528-1510
Kitsap Peninsula DHC:
Kate Garcia  360-908-7110
Olympic Peninsula DHC:  vacant
Capitol DHC:
Charolette Brown  360-751-3161
  So. King County DHC:
  Paula Kingsley  253-797-5176
 N. Central WA DHC: vacant
  Lake Washington DHA:
Jo Moore 206-240-4665

All WDHA Board of Trustees meetings are open. Voting members are officers and component trustees.