Dental Therapy HB 1317 Update

Thank you to everyone who has contacted their legislators and the Appropriations Committee members in support of HB 1317. Your advocacy efforts on behalf of the under served of Washington have worked! HB 1317 (Dental Therapy) has been granted a hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27, at 1:30PM. Our coalition partners will be testifying in support. You may watch the hearing online at
If you have not had the opportunity to contact the Appropriations Committee members yet, there is still time! Below are the member’s names and their e-mail addresses for your convenience. Please visit our Resource Page for message templates.
Timm Ormsby, Chair                                                    
June Robinson, 1st Vice Chair (bill sponsor)     
Steve Bergquist, 2nd Vice Chair                           
Drew Stokesbary                                                 
Drew MacEwen                                                    
Skyler Rude                                                         
Michelle Caldier                                                    
Bruce Chandler                                                     
Eileen Cody (bill prime sponsor)                         
Laurie Dolan                                                         
Mary Dye                                                             
Joe Fitzgibbon (bill sponsor)                              
Drew Hansen                                                       
Larry Hoff                                                            
Zack Hudgins                                                      
Laurie Jinkins (bill sponsor)                                 
Vicki Kraft                                                          
Nicole Macri (bill sponsor)                                  
Gina Mosbrucker                                                
Eric Pettigrew (bill sponsor)                                 
Gerry Pollet                                                       
Cindy Ryu (bill sponsor)                                      
Joe Schmick                                                     
Tana Senn                                                         
Larry Springer                                                     
Derek Stanford                                                    
Mike Steele                                                        
Pat Sullivan                                                        
Robert Sutherland                                               
Gael Tarleton                                                      
Steve Tharinger (bill sponsor)                             
Mike Volz                                                           
Alex Ybarra                                                        
HB 1317 must be voted out of Appropriations on Thursday, February 28th, to remain alive. Let’s keep the momentum going and see Dental Therapy in Washington!
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Thank you,
Jennifer Zbaraschuk, RDH, BSDH, EFDA
WDHA President