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A) WDHA Future Leaders Award: Graduating seniors who have been active in their student ADHA group are eligible to apply for the Future Leaders Award. WDHA makes this award available to graduating students who have demonstrated their commitment to their profession and professional association. WDHA is looking for future leaders to carry on the work of the profession and to assist the association to stay current to the needs of future generations of dental hygienists. Must be a current student member of WDHA & ADHA. Complete the online application form or download the pdf. The annual deadline is March 15th 10:00AM in Central Office.

B) Students who are not in their final year of school may apply for a Future Leaders Award for ADHA:  this award includes registration, airfare, hotel and per diem as budget allows for attendance at the ADHA Annual Session House of Delegates.   Must be a student in good standing with a written letter from the Program Director and completed the application.  This award is in recognition of student leadership and potential for future association leadership. Must be a current student member of WDHA & ADHA.Deadline is March 15th 10:00 AM in Central Office.   Application Link     PDF application

These FLA awards are presented at luncheon on Saturday during the Symposium for Oral Health Professionals.

Dental Connections  - Dental Hygiene Scholarship Award: This is an annual scholarship presented by Dental Connections in the amount of $1,000. The award will be based on both on academic achievement and proven financial need. Students completing their first year of dental hygiene school are eligible to apply. Must be a current student member of WSDHA & ADHA. Complete the online application form or download the pdf. All applications must be received by WSDHA by March 15th at 10:00AM in Central Office.

WDHA Lona Hulbush Jacobs Memorial Scholarship: Each year WDHA awards the Lona Hulbush Jacobs scholarship to a first-year dental hygiene student who as a student member of ADHA and WDHA, demonstrates financial need and maintains a college level cumulative GPA of no less than 3.0. The scholarship is $1,000. All applications must be received at the WSDHA Central Office no later than the date on the application. The scholarship will be presented annually during Symposium at the Awards Luncheon. Complete the application form or download the pdf. The annual deadline is March 15th at 10:00 am in Central Office.

WDHA $1,000 Life Long Learning Grants: This is available to WSDHA professional members who are enrolled in a WA degree completion program in dental hygiene or related field and is for an active member enrolled in a graduate degree program in dental hygiene or related field. Complete the application form or download the pdf. The deadline is September 1st of each year. This award is presented at House of Delegates.

ADHA Student Scholarship Options

ADA Foundation Scholarship: This is a scholarship of $1,000 and is available for final-year dental hygiene students. The deadline for application is August 15th. For more information or questions, please visit the website or send an e-mail.

Dental Foundation Scholarship

Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Resources:
National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program
Now receiving applications again.  Dental hygiene is a qualified profession for this program. Contact: 800-221-9393 or visit the website. The NHSC LRP will pay up to $50,000 for two years of service, based on the participant’s outstanding balance of qualifying educational loans. In exchange you will practice your profession for two years in an American community that needs you in a high-need Health Professional Shortage Area. There are 6,000 approved sites, half of which are HRSA supported health centers.

Indian Health Service Loan Repayment Program
801 Thompson Avenue, Suite 120
Rockville, Maryland 20852
Phone: 301-443-3396
FAX: 301-443-4815

Indian Health Service Scholarships
Applicants sign contractual agreements with the Secretary for two years and fulfill their agreements through full-time clinical practice at an IHS facility or approved Indian health program. In return, the LRP will repay all or a portion of the applicant's eligible health professionals educational loans (undergraduate and graduate) for tuition expenses. Applicants are eligible to have their educational loans repaid in amounts up to $20,000 per year for each year of service. In addition, the LRP will pay up to 20% of Federal taxes directly to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)--incurred as a result of payments made on behalf of recipients. Loan repayments are deemed taxable income. If you need help or have any questions, please call 1-877-464-4772 (Monday through Friday, except federal holidays, from 9AM-5:30PM ET.) or send an e-mail.

Military Contacts lists each branch of the service as well as eligibility criteria: Army, Air Force, and Navy
ADHA National & State Licensing and Credentialling Chart