NW Educators Conference

Date: March 9 - 10, 2018
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Holiday Inn Hillsboro
2575 NW Aloclek Drive
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Contact: Kihei Castillo
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NW Dental Hygiene Educators' Association 2018 Annual Conference


A. Current Concepts in Classroom Teaching - presented by Amy Coplen RDH, MS

Course Description:  Today’s students have become consumers of education and no longer tolerate a lecturer on a stage suppling them with information. They want to be entertained…or at least somewhat involved in the process. According to the New York Times, edutainment combines aspects of education and entertainment into products and experiences that seek to improve learning by making it not just painless but also pleasurable. This discussion sparks much debate among educators with many believing entertainment and education are in direct conflict with each other. Should education be entertaining or by combining both do we accomplish neither?  During this seminar participants will learn the theory behind edutainment as well as gain simple low stakes and more advanced ways to incorporate edutainment principles into their courses.  In addition, recent graduates will also be present to share their perspective on the topic.  Who better to give an analysis of the effectiveness of edutainment than the students themselves? This session was presented at the 2017 ADEA Annual Session.


Presenter:  Amy Coplen, RDH, MS is a tenured associate professor with the School of Dental Hygiene Studies at Pacific University. In addition to her full-time faculty position, Amy also serves as Associate Dean of Interprofessional Education for the College of Health Professions at Pacific University. Amy completed her dental hygiene education and Master of Science degree in Dental Hygiene with the School of Dentistry at University of Michigan. Amy enjoys teaching to various learning styles and she incorporates active learning techniques into the classroom. Amy received the 2017 Faculty Achievement Award from Pacific University, and she will receive a 2018 ADEA Gies Award for Vision of a Dental Educator during the 2018 ADEA Annual Session.


B. Current Concepts in Classroom Teaching - presented by Gail Aamodt RDH, MS

Course Description:  This course focuses on “learner-centered teaching” in a competency based grading system for the dental hygiene student. New CODA standards require that we demonstrate evaluation of critical thinking in addition to the traditional evaluation of clinical care. Utilizing the principles of competency-based teaching and learning, we are able to incorporate direct and indirect assessments to help students develop and demonstrate critical thinking in the clinical setting. Theory, best practice examples, lab activities, OSCE examples, and evaluation methods will be shared. In addition, time will be provided to brainstorm and share examples of clinical based activities among peers.


Presenter:  Gail L. Aamodt, RDH, MS is a tenured full professor and clinical education coordinator for the School of Dental Hygiene Studies at Pacific University. Gail completed her dental hygiene education with the School of Dentistry at Oregon Health & Science University, and she holds a Master of Science degree in Adult Education from Portland State University. In her position as clinical education coordinator, Gail schedules, prepares and supervises 20-25 clinical instructors each year for the Pacific Dental Hygiene Clinic. She also schedules off-campus clinical rotations for students at up to 15 different fieldwork sites. Gail has developed both online and live faculty development programs that focus on clinical teaching skills. Her primary interests include leadership, the educational process and advancing the dental hygiene profession. Gail received the 2014 Dental Hygiene Educator of the Year award from the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.Regis


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