Component Meeting

Date: March 21, 2019
Time: 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
Location:  Show map
Angelo's Restaurant
Burien, WA

Happy Spring Colleagues!

We have reserved a room at Angelo’s Restaurant in Burien from 6-9 pm on Thursday, March 21 for a component meeting.  Dinner will be no host at 6 pm. Component Meeting will be at 6:45. Presentation by Robert Litman will be at 7 pm.  1.5 CE will be awarded with sign in. $0 for members and $15 for non-members.  All are welcome so spread the word as this is a very timely topic in Airway Dentistry.


Robert Litman

The Breathable Body, LLC 

Vashon, Washington


Synopsis ( I will use Power Point)

As a Buteyko practitioner my talks include the physiology of breathing and the importance of Carbon Dioxide in regulating the release of oxygen from the blood to the cells. This aspect is the motivation for introducing the benefits of nose breathing and its importance in balancing respiratory gases and health.  As well how nose breathing as opposed to mouth breathing disrupts the shaping of the mouth and teeth in children. Proper tongue placement and lip seal support the cranium in spreading to allow teeth to come descend into a mouth that has enough space.  

Nose breathing and importance in dental hygiene in relationship to bad breath, good saliva production and facial appearance.

I will cover some principles of the Buteyko Method and how to coach people in slowing their breathing for autonomic nervous system regulation. Learning how to keep the nose free of mucous and opening the airway to have a feeling of satisfaction when breathing. Eliminated that feeling of can’t get enough air and always having to take a big breath.

This portion of the presentation will be experiential as we practice some of the skills for allowing breathing to bring a sense of nourishment.

I will also cover Breathing Related Sleep Disorders and other conditions that are aggravated by mouth breathing. Mouth breathing is a form of hyperventilation that usually goes unnoticed having deleterious effects in the long run.